Current Open Positions

MEMS Design Engineer

Skills: MEMS Design, Signal processing, FE & CFD Analysis

Experience: MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering with 5+ years of experience in designing & building MEMS systems with focus on sensors and actuators.

MEMS Characterization Engineer

Skills: Device characterization, signal processing, methods development, product evaluation, test development

Experience: MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering with 5+ years of experience in designing & building test systems with focus on signal acquisition systems for sensors and actuators.

H/W Systems Lead

Skills: HW electrical system design, embedded programming and prototyping.

Experience: BS/MS/PhD in electrical engineering with 5+ years experience in FPGA, MCU selection & programming, FPCB design, Board architecture & requirements setup, system bringup and validation.

Software Development Lead

Skills: Prototyping and product implementation of E2E software stack design and integration (sensor to Android API), MCU & RTOS programming, Application processor, Android, IOS, Windows middleware implementation.

Experience: MS in Computer Science with 5+ years of experience in software development in BSP/middle ware of mobile devices, Embedded, RTOS and Linux/Android programming, API development in Mobile and notebook configurations.

Thermal Product Design Lead

Skills: Product thermal design, simulation, testing and qualification, customer implementation and validation.

Experience: BS/MS/PhD in mechanical engineering with 5+ years of experience focused on thermal product design, simulation and testing in electronic systems.

Thermal Device CFD Lead

Skills: Skills: device Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations, algorithm development and validation CFD analysis.

Experience: MS/PhD in mechanical or aeronautical engineering with 5+ years experience focused on CFD and development of complex fluidic systems with particular emphasis on thermal management in electronic systems.

Product Management Lead

Skills: Product Specification, Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Go-to-Market Plan, Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Alliances, Eco-system Management.

Experience: MS/PhD in Engineering or Computer Science with 10+ years of experience in Product Management, Marketing and Business Development.

Life At Frore

Our original Los Altos garage test kitchen from early 2018. From left to right: Len Fennell, Angela Kawamoto, Co-Founder and CTO Surya Ganti and Co-Founder and CEO Seshu Madhavapeddy. That humble beginning exemplifies our Company values and culture.

Life at Frore Systems

Micro-electronic Mechanical engineering is at the heart of our endeavor, but Frore is also a place where individuals can shine among their peers, learn new ways of solving problems, and be challenged to push the envelope.

Our co-founder Surya Ganti is a leader of a different stripe in the world of flexible MEMS solutions. He is responsible for bringing together a team of bright, self-driven engineers that can solve massive problems in unexpected ways. Read his bio here.